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Meet Christine Tran

As a second eldest sister of Dr. Tranduc, Christine also was born in Vietnam and came to America in 1975 together with her siblings and parents.  She currently resides in Milpitas, CA with her husband Danny and her 11-years-old son Ryan.

Christine hasn’t been working since 1996 since Ryan’s birth by choice.  Her dedication to raising Ryan to this point has reflected the family value brought up by her parents.

Christine is proud to be a member of Dr. Tranduc’s private pratice.  It is her opportunity to resume working after 11 inactive years, and it is her opportunity to be an extension of the care that Dr. Tranduc provides to his patients.

Christine is very cheerful in nature.

Although to be friendly, to be patient, and to be caring are Christine’s second nature, Christine knows that providing patients the cares and comforts at all time will be the daily challenge that she needs to welcome.

Christine hopes to make the difference with all the patients she meets by her cheerfulness, and she hopes to be a perfect greeting to all patients for Dr. Tranduc.


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